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CHICKITA – Unique but familiar

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April 2, 2021
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Vietnamese people are very creative in creating delicious food. Not only delicacy, but even popular dishes also make people admire.

Have you eaten a grilled meat vermicelli fragrant with the smell of smoke or the crunchy shrimp crackers that melt in your mouth on colorful salads? Inspired by popular but memorable dishes, #madeinVietnam campaign has launched ever since. The dishes are familiar with Vietnamese people such as spring rolls, grilled pork vermicelli or shrimp and pork salad. Chickita has been transformed by Chickita with unique features that you have never seen anywhere.

More than that, Chickita created a dish you’ve probably never heard or seen before – “grilled chicken ribs”. Yes, from the name, you can guess the main ingredient of it, right? Chicken ribs, an ingredient rarely used in processing, have now been transformed into new, unique and exotic dishes by the “Master Chef” of Chickita.

We are not only focusing on the taste, but also the appearance of the food. Because for the chef, every dish is their brainchild. With the message “bringing Vietnamese cuisine to Vietnamese in the most creative way”, Chickita hopes that all diners will have a wonderful experience at Chickita.

#madeinVietnam is a campaign created to honor Vietnamese cuisine. We believe each dish is a gift, a milestone and an achievement. Hopefully, from now on, those dishes will continue to endure forever, still in an age of development today.

During the campaign period, Chickita will have a small activity with rewards for all customers who complete the challenge. Just try 6 items in #madeinVietnam menu. You will receive 500k gift voucher and super super cute Chickita gift set.

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