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Thao Dien Schools & Apartments Promotion

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February 14, 2020
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Hey everyone, do not neglect your meal these days, please take the initiative to protect your health!
▶️ Chickita is ready to serve delicious dishes at the beginning of the year with 15% off for teachers, students, parents from AIS, BIS, ISHCMC and residents from Estella Heights, The Ascent, Masteri.
Chickita has an appointment with you all!

📌 Notices:
– Show teacher/student/resident ID upon ordering – Xuất trình thẻ giáo viên/học sinh/cư dân khi gọi món
– Discount maximum 500.000 VNĐ for one bill – Giảm tối đa 500.000 VNĐ cho mỗi hóa đơn
– Not applicable for Public Holidays, New years and Chirstmas – Không áp dụng cho những ngày lễ, Tết
– Can be used with Chickita’s In-house Delivery – Có thể áp dụng kèm chương trình Chickita’s In-house Delivery

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@ 230 Nguyen Van Huong, District 02, HCMC
@ 94 Ho Tung Mau, District 01. HCMC
@ L3 Vincom Center Dong Khoi, D1. HCMC
🌐 Website: http://www.chickita.com.vn
📞 Book our table: 028 3519 0000
📖 Check our menu: https://tinyurl.com/vpfssxn
🏎 Available on Now.vn | Baemin | Grab | ZaloFood

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