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Hot coming back with brand new menu Made in Vietnam 2022 edition

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November 1, 2022
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After the reception from dearest customers of Chickita with a Vietnamese dishes campaign – Strange but familiar in 2021. This year, Chickita will continue to show off the soul of local cuisine and create a menu vesion 2.0 has been improved to increase the novelty and variety of flavors but still feel the familiarity of the dish when coming to enjoy a brand new Made in Vietnam 2022 menu at Chickita – Red Fire Grilled Chicken .

The diversity is reflected in the number of dishes up to 10 dishes with the culinary spirit spanning North – Central – South.

Check out some dishes that create a sense of familiarity right from the name:

1. Set of 3 salad dishes (Central-inspired rice bowl, Tropical mango salad with prawns, Vietnamese Chicken Salad): Always present in the menus of Vietnamese family gatherings, the sweet and sour taste of vegetables mixed with shredded chicken meat/ prawns.

2. Crispy Chicken Spring rolls: Spring rolls are extremely bold in our locality, with the North calling it Saigon spring rolls; The Central region calling them ram and the South calling it spring rolls. Representing the rich filling of chicken, biting the crispy piece of the crust.

3. Chicken rib rice is reminiscent of the fragrant “com tam” with the signature Chickita grilled chicken flavor combined with mixed fish sauce, a very new style of enjoying broken rice but also very familiar.

In general, the menu Made in Vietnam 2022 edition has attractive Vietnamese dishes and is modified with Chickita’s signature Grilled Chicken dishes to bring a unique experience that is only available at Chickita – Flame Grilled Chicken.

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